HART – Humanitarian Assistance Response Training 

The HART course prepares United States military commanders and their staffs to respond more effectively during civilian-led humanitarian assistance and foreign disaster response missions. The four-day, operational-level course focuses on applying the military planning and decision-making process to the unique circumstance associated with a foreign humanitarian assistance operations. Participants will employ realistic scenarios and existing plans to develop a concept of operations for a joint task force response to a major disaster. Case studies, small group practical applications, and role-playing exercises enhance lectures by civilian and military experts. 

Joint force commanders and their staffs will understand:

  • How to apply the military planning and decision-making process during disaster response missions;
  • The range of U.S. foreign humanitarian assistance;
  • The key disaster response stakeholders: the Affected Population, Affected State, Humanitarian Community, Assisting States;
  • The philosophy and mechanisms that govern the international humanitarian response to disasters;
  • The collaborative means employed by international humanitarian agencies;
  • The criteria for the use of military assets and the military’s unique supporting role during a foreign disaster response;
  • The internationally-recognized principles of civil-military coordination; and
  • The logistics, information sharing, communications synchronization, and public health challenges likely to be face by military responses during a HADR operation.

Major topics to be covered include:

  • Foreign Humanitarian Assistance-the U.S. spectrum of operations
  • Disaster Management
  • Affected Population and the Affected State
  • The Humanitarian Community
  • Assisting States and the Use of Foreign Military Assets
  • Role of the U.S. military
  • Humanitarian Logistics
  • Information Sharing
  • Communication Synchronization
  • Public Health Concerns
  • Transition Planning

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Jeffrey S. Foundas, HART Program Manager

Stephanie Liu, HART Course Coordinator

Apr 23 - 26, 2019 36th CRG/36th MRS, Anderson AFB, Guam
Jun 25 - 28, 2019 USAFRICOM, Kelley Barracks (Stuttgart), Germany
Jul 29 - Aug 2, 2019  III MEF / 3rd MEB, Camp Courtney (Okinawa), Japan
Sep 24 - 27, 2019 USINDOPACOM, Ford Island, Hawaii

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