The Center for Excellence in Disaster Management & Humanitarian Assistance

is the DMHA coordinating authority for U.S. Pacific Command.
Our mission is to facilitate collaborative partnerships, conduct applied research, and develop education, training, and information sharing programs in order to enhance US and international civil-military preparedness, knowledge and performance in disaster management and humanitarian assistance.


CFE-DM partners with diverse groups of civil and military organizations to increase international DMHA capacity and share expertise in the areas of humanitarian assistance and disaster management.

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CFE-DM's courses help prepare U.S. and foreign militaries along with civilian organizations to work together and respond effectively to disasters and humanitarian crises.

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The Lessons Learned Initiative is aimed at showcasing and highlighting key lessons observed during response to large-scale disasters and humanitarian emergencies around the globe.

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CFE-DM enhances the effectiveness of military DMHA support and providing informational support and situation awareness to planners, decision makers, and trainers of supported organizations.

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