Disaster Management Reference Handbooks

CFE-DM's Disaster Management Reference Handbooks provide a baseline of information regarding countries most prone to disasters. The handbooks offer readers an operational understanding of a nation's disaster management capability and vulnerability, with detailed information on demographics; hazards; government structure; regional and international assistance; infrastructure; laws and guidelines; risks and vulnerabilities; and other areas vital to a comprehensive disaster management knowledge base.

ASEAN | 2022

Australia | 2020

Bangladesh | 2020

Brunei | 2022

Cambodia | 2020

Chile | 2021

Fiji | 2023

India (assisting state) | 2022

Indonesia | 2021

Lao PDR | 2021

Malaysia | 2022

Maldives | 2021

Marshall Islands | 2022

Micronesia | 2022

Mongolia | 2022

Myanmar (Burma) | 2020

Nepal | 2020

Northeast Asia | 2022

Pakistan | 2021

Palau | 2023

Papua New Guinea | 2022

Philippines | 2021

Singapore | 2021

Sri Lanka | 2021

Thailand | 2022

Timor-Leste | 2022

Tonga | 2023

Vietnam | 2021

New Zealand Defence Force Joint Intelligence Fusion Centre Products

The Joint Intelligence Fusion Centre (JIFC) produces Contingency Summaries on countries vulnerable to disasters in the Pacific. The products can assist in the planning of a HADR response. The JIFC remain the authors of the products.

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Pacific Humanitarian Team Products

The Pacific Humanitarian Team (PHT) with the support of the OCHA Office for the Pacific produces Country Preparedness Packages (CPPs) on countries vulnerable to disasters in the Pacific. The documents are a joint initiative of the Governments of the Pacific Islands and the PHT; it outlines existing national structures and plans for utilizing international support in a disaster response. The PHT remain the authors of the CPPs.