Liaison is CFE-DM’s biannual journal of disaster management and humanitarian relief collaborations. Articles are original work from throughout the DMHA community focusing on advances, partnerships, technology and applied research, and training and education. The journal aims to promote the ability of DMHA partners to learn from one another through lessons learned to build a stronger DMHA community through shared learning.

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Latest Issues

Liaison Magazine Vol. IX-2 2017

Regional Coordination
in Disaster Management

In this issue:

The Basis for Coordination

Insights on Response Architectures Development

Changi RHCC
Insights from the Nepal Earthquake & HADR Exercise Coordinated Response

Interview with Rear Adm.Mark Montgomery
Former Director for Operations, U.S. Pacific Command

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Liaison Magazine Vol. IX-1 2017

Shaping Phase Zero: How the Military, 
Humanitarians and Private Sector Prepare, 
for Disaster

In this issue:

A Model for HADR Exercises in the Asia-Pacific?

The Private Sector as A Key Actor in Disaster Management

Civil-Military Cooperation Strategy for Disaster Relief in Japan –
Missing in Disaster Preparedness

A Road to Safety

Interview with Adelina Kamal
Acting Executive Director of the ASEAN Humanitarian
Assistance Centre

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Liaison Magazine Vol. VIII-1 2016

Lessons from Nepal and Other Recent Disasters

In this issue:

Right Time, Right Place, Right Skills:
U.S. Army Green Berets save lives in Nepal

‘Mission First & People Always’:
The Nepal Army’s AAR on Operation Sankat Mochan

The Handicap International Story:
Logistics and Vulnerable Populations in Nepal

Civil-Military Coordination after the Nepal Earthquake:
Role of the HuMOCC

Interview with Brig. Gen. Paul Kennedy, USMC

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Liaison Magazine Vol. VII-2 2015
Emerging Challenges to Civil-Military Coordination in Disaster Response

In this issue:

Typhoon Haiyan, Cyclone Pam and Nepal Earthquake: Observations and Lessons Identified in Humanitarian-Military-Police Coordination and the Use of Foreign Military Asset
(Website Exclusive: Unabridged Article)

The Use and Coordination of Civil-Military and Defense Assets in Nepal

Early Considerations on Civil-Military Responses to Emerging Diseases: Ebola
Creating an International Veteran Service Organization for Disaster Response

Civil-Military Team Building

Interview with Josef Reiterer
Civil-Military Coordination Section Chief, United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

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The Center for Excellence in Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance invites article submissions for the next issue of Liaison, CFE's journal of civil-military disaster management and humanitarian relief collaborations.

The theme for the Spring 2018 issue is the Evolution of HADR Working Groups in the Pacific.

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