Liaison is CFE-DM’s biannual journal of disaster management and humanitarian relief collaborations. Articles are original work from throughout the DMHA community focusing on advances, partnerships, technology and applied research, and training and education. The journal aims to promote the ability of DMHA partners to learn from one another through lessons learned to build a stronger DMHA community through shared learning.

Latest Issue

Liaison Magazine Volume 15, Issue 2, 2023

Looking Back, Looking Forward

In this issue:

The Importance of Localization during Crises

A History of Foreign Disaster Response

Empowering Resilience in Vulnerable Populations


Year Issue Title
1999 I - 1 Inaugural Issue
1999 I - 2 Filter-free Solutions
1999 I - 3 Security: Can we feel safe in the post-cold war world?
2000 I - 4 A B C?
2000 II - 1 Center Update
2001 II - 2 Preparing for Peace
2002 II- 3 International Humanitarian Law: The Road Ahead
2002 II - 4 Transitions
2002 III - 1 Deference to Diversity
2002 III - 2 Civilian Police Issues in Peacekeeping
2006 III - 3 Civil Military Progress: Beyond the 2004 Tsunami
2007 IV - 1 Building Capacity Across the Civil-Military Spectrum
2012 V Civil-Military Lessons Learned in Response to the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake
2014 VI Advances in Disaster Management that are Shaping the Future
2015 VII- 1 Partnerships for a Stronger Community
2015 VII - 2 Emerging Challenges to Civil-Military Coordination in Disaster Response
2016 VIII Lessons from Nepal and other Recent Disasters
2017 IX- 1 Shaping Phase Zero: How the Military, Humanitarians and Private Sector Prepare for Disasters
2017 IX - 2 Regional Coordination in Disaster Management
2018 X-1 Stronger Together: HADR Export Working Groups
2018 X-2 Staying Ahead Utilizing Information and Strategies to Equip and Prepare for Disaster Response
2019 XI-1 CFE-DM 25th Anniversary
2019 XI-2 Resilient Oceania
2020 XII-1 COVID-19 Response
2021 XIII-1 HA/DR Implications in the Era of Great Power Competition
2021 XIII-2 Evolution of the Humanitarian Environment
2022 XIV-1 The Future of Humanitarian Emergencies in the Urban Environment
2022 XIV-2 Building Long-term Stability and Resiliency
2023 XV Implications of Climate Change on Indo-Pacific Security
2023 XV-2 Looking Back, Looking Forward