Program Background

The Applied Research and Information Sharing (ARIS) Academic Partnership Program (APP) is focused on developing mutually beneficial collaborative partnerships. ARIS has built a global network of partners across academia, regional organizations, and governmental and nongovernmental organizations. The focus of the collaborative efforts is on addressing the challenges of the 21st century in order to identify innovative and practical recommendations to mitigate negative impacts on our global community. Through research and information exchanges, we support data-informed decision making for policies, plans, and programs.

Purpose Statement

The ARIS Academic Partnership Program (APP) aims to build and strengthen partnerships with the global academic community, with a focus on the Indo-Pacific region. The APP offers research and internship opportunities to eligible fellows, including graduate level and post-graduate student participation as well as career-transitioning candidates. The program endeavors to foster capacity through research into emerging issues in the sphere of civil-military coordination, preparedness and response for disaster management and humanitarian assistance (DMHA).

By cultivating academic partnerships, this program fuels mutually beneficial growth in research collaboration, meets research demands in the region, and opens pathways for eligible fellows to enter government, policy, security, academic, and DMHA workforces.

ARIS Academic Partnership Program Opportunities

Fellowship Programs

The ARIS fellowship program links graduate students with developing operational initiatives and stakeholders to bridge the gap between academia and practice. Participation in the research fellows program allows graduate students an opportunity to work on real-world challenges where their research will be used by policy and decision-makers. Research products will be distributed to relevant stakeholders, and well-executed reports will be posted to the CFE-DM website where they can be accessed by the broader community and disseminated to the APP alumni network. Fellows are hosted year-round with up to four (4) projects selected for the fall semester, up to four (4) projects selected for the spring semester, and up to two (2) projects selected for the summer session.

Benefits APP provides:

  • Research on emerging topics relevant to the Indo-Pacific region that directly informs policy and decision-makers
  • Gain valuable work experience and explore career pathways within the fields of defense, security, disaster management, and humanitarian assistance
  • Networking with professionals across multiple government agencies and international organizations
  • Career transitioning for service members into the civilian workforce


CFE-DM is an approved practicum/internship site for The American Military University, School of Security and Global Studies, The University of Hawaii at Manoa, Master of International Affairs-Department of Asian Studies, and The University of Southern California, Keck School of Medicine.

Capstone Projects

The CFE-DM hosts graduate student capstone projects where students work with practitioners, planners, and policy-makers to address real-world problems. We have established agreements with multiple universities across the U.S. and internationally. Research may be conducted as an individual or team project based on the academic program’s requirements. CFE-DM hosts capstone projects year-round. The APP supervisor will be available for guidance and clarification, will periodically review work progress, and will approve work for release upon completion. It is incumbent upon the fellow and his/her Academic advisor to present a well-crafted, properly written, edited, and formatted document.

To view a list of academic partners affiliated with CFE-DM, select the “Partners” tab above.

USINDOPACOM Student Volunteer Internship Program (SVIP)

Headquarters United States Indo-Pacific Command (HQUSINDOPACOM) offers opportunities for current and former college graduates through the Student Volunteer Fellowship Program (SVIP). The SVIP provides students with a rewarding and desirable internship opportunity to gain valuable work experience in the diverse environment of INDOPACOM.

This program is open to qualified students interested in joining the next generation of security defense forces in our nation's largest combatant command. This program will allow students to explore career opportunities within a professional work environment while learning about the Department of Defense mission and objectives in the Indo-Pacific region. Students will grow in personal and professional skills through mentoring and developmental activities, which encourage engagement with other professionals and students.

Benefits the Student Internship provides:

  • Personal and professional development opportunities within the Department of Defense.
  • Networking across multiple government agencies (State Department, Justice Department, USAID...etc.).
  • Coordinate with foreign governments including projects involving foreign policy strategies, defense, and security.
  • Department of Defense SECRET security clearance for qualified candidates.

For more information on this program, contact Mr. Kaniela Hughes by phone at 808-477-7950, by email at, or visit

Presidential Management Fellow Program

Bearing the Presidential moniker, the Presidential Management Fellow (PMF) Program is the Federal Government's flagship leadership development program for advanced degree holders across all academic disciplines. It was established 45 years ago by Executive Order and has gone through changes over the years, but the essential mission remains the same: to recruit and develop a cadre of future government leaders drawn from all segments of society. Eligible individuals apply to be selected as Finalists. Finalists then have 12 months to secure an appointment as a Fellow, which is a two-year, full-time, paid fellowship at a Federal agency. The PMF Program creates a lasting bond among Fellows and Alumni. It also instills a spirit of public service, which, for Fellows who complete the program successfully, can ultimately encourage and lead to a career in government.

For more information, visit:

Department of Defense SkillBridge Internships

The Department of Defense (DOD) SkillBridge program is an opportunity for service members to gain valuable civilian work experience through specific industry training, apprenticeships, or internships during the last 180 days of service. DOD SkillBridge connects transitioning service members with industry partners in real-world job experiences. For service members, DOD SkillBridge provides an invaluable chance to work and learn in civilian career areas. Service members participating in DOD SkillBridge programs continue receiving their military compensation and benefits. CFE-DM provides SkillBridge support across all services.

For more information, visit:

Hiring Our Heroes (HOH)

Through the DoD SkillBridge program, CFE-DM hosts Hiring Our Heroes (HOH) fellows. The HOH programs provide networking, professional training and hands-on experience in the civilian workforce. Fellows spend four days a week with their host company where they receive on-the-job training and build their civilian work experience. Throughout the program, fellows spend one day a week in professional development and employment-related training.

For more information, please visit:

How to Apply

Application Packet:

Application Process:

  • Submit documents under the application packet to
  • APP staff to review the application packet
  • APP staff to contact applicant for an interview

ARIS Outreach Component

The outreach component of the program aims to expand partnerships with academic institutions to build better relationships and leverage the deep expertise in academia. Organizations involved in civil, military, and educational fields can utilize the ARIS APP to access informative presentations and research on civil-military coordination and DMHA preparedness, which are made available to regional academic forums and working groups. The purpose of the forums and working groups is to brainstorm, develop, collaborate, and review new and expanded research topics in civil-military preparedness and DMHA. This provides opportunities for engagement with institutional leadership, faculty, and research fellows.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Archival, desk research, qualitative survey methods/field analytic skills, quantitative methods, key informant interview skills, team management, organizational and stakeholder analysis, and report writing.
  • Strong written and oral communication skills. Ability to write research reports, articles, and other information products to communicate to CFE-DM staff, USINDOPACOM staff, and other civilian and military organizations.
  • Knowledge of or familiarity with Disaster Response/Emergency Management or Humanitarian Relief/Assistance.
  • Familiarity with the natural disasters and climate change issues in the USINDOPACOM region.

The research fellow serves as a research analyst providing decision support products for DMHA operations and training programs. The fellow will serve as a team member of the ARIS branch and help to solve practical problems and facilitate information sharing for disaster management practitioners. The fellow(s) will conduct research - identification, assessment, and interpretation of materials - that leads to an analytical product that informs policy and decision-making. Specific research products will support achievement of the CFE-DM mission, vision, and congressional mandate.

The research fellow is expected to align with the ARIS supervisor’s objectives by utilizing established approaches to applied research methods on DMHA education and training programs, best practices, and risk factors to inform decision-making. Work is performed individually or as a team project and will involve using practicum/internship site sponsorships and/or capstone research, approved by the supervisor. The CFE supervisor will be available for guidance and clarification, periodically review work progress, and approve work for release upon completion. It is incumbent upon the fellow and his/her academic advisor to present a well-crafted, properly written, edited, and formatted document.

  • Climate change impacts, adaptation, and resilience
  • Health security
  • Protection of civilians
  • Strategic competition
  • DMHA during the full range of military operations
  • Civil-Military coordination

*Note: research projects will be identified and scoped based on the student’s interest and skillset.

Program Inquiries

Please contact the following APP staff for general inquiries or to get additional information about the program.
Dr. Michelle U. Ibanez, ARIS APP Manager
Ms. Stephanie Liu, ARIS APP Coordinator

Call for Topics

If you are interested in submitting a research topic for the Academic Partnership Program, please complete the Call for Topics form and return to the APP Manager.

Additional Information

ARIS Research Program Brochure