Lessons Learned

The Lessons Learned Initiative is aimed at showcasing and highlighting key lessons observed during response to large-scale disasters and humanitarian emergencies around the globe.  CFE-DM has found that the majority of these lessons aren't unique, yet there is little evidence to suggest any systematic efforts underway to put these lessons into practice.  CFE-DM believes raising awareness of these lessons and making them readily available to the broader disaster management and humanitarian response community is a major step toward transforming lessons learned into best practices during real-world scenarios.

CFE-DM hopes this initiative will enable educators and trainers in developing their curricula around the lessons that continue to resurface. The lessons learned collection is an integral part of the Center's online Virtual Information Resources Center (VIRC) and many of the lessons featured in this section can also be found in VIRC's user-friendly searchable repository along with the key reference documents on disaster management and humanitarian assistance, with a special emphasis on topics such as civil-military relations, civil-military coordination, security, and peacekeeping.

 Disaster Name Country / Region Year
Nepal Earthquake Nepal 2015
Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) Philippines 2013
Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Japan 2011
Pakistan Floods Pakistan 2010
Typhoon Morakot Taiwan 2009
Cyclone Nargis Burma 2008
Cyclone Sidr Bangladesh 2007
Pakistan Earthquake Pakistan 2005
Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami Indian Ocean 2004
Cyclone Marian Bangladesh 1991
N/A Asia Pacific N/A