Disaster Management Reference Handbooks

CFE-DM's Disaster Management Reference Handbooks provide a baseline of information regarding countries most prone to disasters.  The handbooks offer readers an operational understanding of a nation's disaster management capability and vulnerability, with detailed information on demographics; hazards; government structure; regional and international assistance; infrastructure; laws and guidelines; risks and vulnerabilities; and other areas vital to a comprehensive disaster management knowledge base.

   Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)  2015
   Australia  2016
 Bangladesh FlagBangladesh  2015
 Cambodia FlagCambodia  2014
 Indonesia flagIndonesia   2015
 Lao PDR
  Malaysia  2016
 RMI-FlagMarshall Islands  2016
 Micronesia  2016
 Mongolia FlagMongolia
 Myanmar (Burma)  2017
 Nepal FlagNepal  2015
 Palau  2016
  Papua New Guinea  2016
 Philippines  2015
 Sri Lanka FlagSri Lanka
 Thailand flagThailand
 Timor-Leste-FlagTimor-Leste  2016
 Vietnam flagVietnam  2015